Ability insurance?? Say what?? Chatting with Dental Hygienist Amanda Bird!!!

Dr. Jay discussing the right timing to start pediatric care for your kids!

Moms and Dads:. When is the best time to start pediatric Chiropractic care for your school-aged kids ?? 🤔

Diaper Dash Come Run With Us!

Ha! Come Run With Us!! (inspired by "Come Dance With Us") 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 We are just having a little bit of fun promoting this run! Thanks to Janine Fortier for getting all silly with me, and coming up with some of the genius! Thanks to Justin Fortier for filming and editing!! Elm City Doulas Uptown Chiropractic - Fredericton #RunforDiapers #ItTakesAVillage #ComeRunWithUs

My HRV journey

My health journey...full disclosure and how my story may relate to yours!

How does an adjustment work? It seems to help all of these things, why? And how?

Yay!!! Look at what came in!!!..... And how do you get one? Check it out!! Elm City Doulas Tucker Graphix 2018 Diaper Dash #ittakesavillage #communitysupport #loveourcity

Our scan system just got even better!!

Check out what we invested in to serve you better!! Sorry for sideways start to the video 😀

Uptown is here to HELP

This is what we are about! If you are looking for something different for your #family. If you are struggling to find #answers. If you are looking for #drugfree ways to improve your health. What if you were our next #successstory #pediatricchiropractors #uptownchiropractic #familyhealth #successstory #bestyearyet

Summer is coming! We are doing something we've never done before!

Are you or your kids stuck in a cycle of sick?

Myles may have gotten a kck in the face....oops! It's so cute how he's trying to lunge! #fortierworkouts #adaptordie #mywhy

Now that I have your attention......

If you get this, your perspective on health changes....for the better!

Immune boosting tip.for.ya.....hint....we instantly smile when we see it! More tips and information on how to help you kick the sick in your family on May 3rd! 10pm in the comfort of where ever you are 🙂

My kids seem to always be this normal? Tune in!

Anatomy lessons from a bird

We are at the FredKid fair!! Come up and see us!

Work/life "balance" doesn't really exist 😲 is my take on it.....

Blocked tear ducts? This may be the reason...

Stuck in Minneapolis!

Stuck in Minneapolis, but we've got your back!

I have fallen short. What am I doing about it to make things right? #vulnerability #realtalk #betterthanyesterday

What's up at Uptown Chiropractic

Cool stuff coming around the bend, and an awesome give back to our community! 12th Annual Fredkid Fair Elm City Doulas THANK YOU! #uptownchiropractic #supportourcommunity #family #fun

My best days and moments in parenting have been mostly related to this one thing...

Hey parents! Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? We moustache you a question! 😂🤣

Webster technique - what it is, what it isn't.

Webster technique.....what's it all about? Before becoming certified, we were taking great care of pregnant moms....but after becoming certified and learning the specifics and extra checks, our results were enhanced! Here, I talk about what Webster is, and what it isn't. #healthypregnancy #webstertechnique #healthybabies #uptownchiropractic

Pressured parenting

Pressure being a parent? Trouble feeling balanced? Juggling so much you don't know who you are anymore? Check it out! Link to register:

If sitting is the new smoking, then this is.....

Why on Earth would we ask THIS on our intake forms?

Have you ever thought of this before?

Have you ever thought of this before? #healthykids #healthynervoussystem #calm #connected #coordinated #uptownchiropractic

#PerfectStorm follow up, parents we'd love to know your thoughts and questions!!

Uptown goes downtown to Yoga on York with Jenny Rolls!

We had a great time at our Uptown Chiro family yoga event!! A special thanks to Jenny Rolls for leading us ♥️. Also thank you to all those who came out to make it a great 'party'!! 😁 Mama Yoga with Jenny Rolls - check her out! She also has yoga classes available via videos which can be streamed right from home 🙂


There is still time! T- 1.5 hours till go time for the 3rd global viewing of the perfect storm webinar with Dr. Tony Ebel. Join us and thousands of other parents, live! Or sign up and catch the recording later! Don't miss out! SIGN UP:

Why are we so passionate about the Perfect Storm webinar? 2 words: our daughter!!

Is the PS for me?

My child doesn't have a the Perfect Storm webinar going to benefit me? Register here:

Is your child in defense mode? Listen to this win! REGISTER HERE TO LEARN MORE!

HEY PARENTS: sometimes it can stressful bringing your kids to new places, so we thought we'd give you a little tour!

It's heart awareness month. How we measure inside stress....

Anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, trouble adapting.... Let's look at how it affects our physiology!

Here we go again! The Perfect Storm is coming!

***ATTENTION MOMS!**** here's a mom hack that will spare your spine! Please share with your mom friends and make sure you support baby's head for the real littles! #uptownchiro #momhack #happyspine

Hibernation is for bears! Here's some tips from Dr. J about how to stay active in the winter! What do you do to stay active in the winter?

Tummy time tips! Tummy time is so important for proper growth and development! Here are some great options to help your babes along:) #uptownchiro #frederictonpediatricchiropractors #tummytime #happybaby

THIS is the cause of premature death! Here is my answer....

Leaving our family ain't easy, but we do it for you!

Something you can do that will bring your family together and make memories in 2018! Share your ideas below! 🙂

Let's make 2018 about family health! 🙂

I made a commitment with myself to be better at self care. Kids don't have to be a barrier to your workouts. They can be your weight!

Hey Fredericton - we want to do something awesome this Christmas and we need your help!

This is a message for the men out there who sit on their wallet. 🙂 Feel free to share with your spouse ;).

Does your baby not like tummy time? There is likely a reason. Please share if you think it might help someone you know 🙂

Bum scoot to crawl!

We met this lady a couple of months ago. She was 15 months and was not able to crawl on all fours. We started working with her and in a few short weeks, began the beginning stages of crawling. Within about a month we received this amazing video! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 That ending though!! Haha! A great visual of why kids can benefit from chiro checkups! 😂🤣😂

Ladies and Babies is happening now!!

Tomorrow night FUN! PRIZES!! FRIENDSHIP!!

What a cool experience.....! Kini Wellness

I'm about to float!!!! Kini Wellness

PARENTS of kids with #sensory #ASD #ADHD #ANXIETY, we know THIS is one of your top concerns!

Superheroes saving lives!

Parents!!!! There is HOPE!!! If you have kids struggling with #ASD #Sensory issues, check this out! #Fredericton #UptownChiropractic

Haha we are now accepting video applications for our associate position we have open! This is just too cute!!! Kids are so cool 🙂

The biggest thing that is MISSED with your child suffering with chronic ear infections.

Single parents doing it on their own, or spouse away working etc, this is for YOU!

Perfect storm update

PARENTS: The storm is coming!!! 1 Hour until the #perfectstorm goes LIVE with the very awesome Dr. Tony Ebel! We want to see your kids thrive this school year, so check it out tonight (or sign up and watch the recording)!

Are you looking to improve your child's concentration, communication, coordination, connection, or have more control over their emotions? Have you been searching for answers? Check it out! Register here:

Charlotte was looking for answers

Charlotte was looking for answers as to why her son had ADHD. Then she brought her son in after tuning into our last Perfect Storm webinar in April. See what that one hour investment has done for her family! <3 If you are looking for answers for your child, tune in! register at:

I caught Dr.Jay testing it out! 😉

One of those days where you just let them do it! Good thing I just cleaned the toilet What kind of things have you just "let go" of? I'd love to hear selfishly feel better! Haha

Running with a stroller? Here are 3 tips that will not only make you more efficient, but also will take unwanted strain off the body! Here's to happier runs! Please share with your running buddies 🙂

After a morning of dancing and Movin' Munchkins, an adjustment is definitely required! Look at our newest helper!! #family #fun

Munchkins party Movin' Munchkins #family #fun #uptownchiro

Awesome opportunity for patients at Uptown Chiropractic - Fredericton as we collaborate with one of our faces, Movin' Munchkins. We have limited spaces. Register here!

Have bug bites? Need help? Want to know what we use for ourselves and our kids? And we have samples! 🙂

Fun class!!! I have the date wrong though.... JUNE 13TH!

Happy Father's day coming up! Dad's, you aren't going to want to miss your adjustment!!

Meet Corena - she's all kinds of awesome!! 🙂

Uptown Tribe is on the move

Stressed? Here is my weekend advice!

Need something fun to do this weekend?!? If you are a patient past or present and want to join our "team"...come on out! It's for a great cause! Patients get free shirts 🙂 If you aren't a patient yet, we have a lot of fun and help families be at their best! We also love supporting our community :). This is just one of many ways! #walkingisfun #uptownchiro #sparklemagic Fredericton Maternity Greener Village Linking Lives Inc.

We love seeing Chiro kids thriving! Baby Rhett was fussy and not meeting milestones, a few short weeks later and he's rocking it!

We love seeing babies thrive at the office! He was lagging on tummy time and supper fussy, and now a few weeks later he's rocking it! Here's to a happier and healthier Rhett!

Major victory and we needed to share!!!

Super IMPORTANT bottle feeding tips to benefit you and your baby 🙂 Tag and share to anyone you know who may benefit!

Ladies! Get your Uptown Shirts!

Act now to get a shirt!! I'll post sizes and amount of shirts left below! Also, the registration link! Thank you Fredericton Maternity Linking Lives Inc. Greener Village Tucker Graphix

The response to the Live Perfect Strom webinar has been amazing! Thanks for tuning in!

One hour until go time!!

Tonight is the night!

It's been an incredible week!

Live, world wide webinar you aren't going to want to miss!

Carrier tips! These are SO key! Small changes make a BIG difference! Please share it with all of your carrying friends! 🙂

Parents to be, don't make the same mistake we did! Pam Stanley offers an amazing service and YOU get a $100 gift card!!! Check out another one of my favourite things 🙂 Pam Stanley Photography

This girl is going to save the world!!

It's MONDAY!!!!! And we thought we'd share a video about Movin' Munchkins!! Listen to hear what Lennon's favourite activity is....what a kid! Haha! We LOVE this program, who's done it!?!

Do you have any extra diapers kicking around that you don't need? This is a great opportunity for a GREAT cause! Yes! They will take your spares in opened packages 🙂 Fredericton Maternity Greener Village 2017 Diaper Dash 5K Run

Another tip, this one on carrying! This small change made a HUGE difference for me.

Are you or your child stuffy? Do you like Vicks but are looking for something that isn't petroleum based? You NEED this!!! Another one of my favourite things! This product is NEW and you gotta try it!

Uptown's Welcome Video

Have you wanted more for your family? Is your child's health suffering in any way? Have you heard that Chiropractic is beneficial for your family's health, but you want to know more? We are a family focused office, and we are so honored and blessed to have taken care of families in Fredericton for over 15 years combined. Our core values are #family #fun #clarity #greatness and that resonates through everything we do. Check out some of our testimonials and sift through our page and website. On behalf of the team here at Uptown Chiropractic - Fredericton, we look forward to making 2017 your best year yet!

Dr. Kelly and Allie Morris, RMT talk about her amazing service! Mobility Massage gets 5 stars from us here at Uptown Chiropractic!

Check out Charlotte and baby Abram's story with your host Lizzie! 🙂