Chiropractic is for all ages. It helps to optimize spine and nervous system function. Beyond symptoms and conditions, fine tuning your nerve function will allow you to heal, recover, and perform at a higher level!

It starts with a healthy spine, that’s our foundation. Everything is controlled and coordinated through your central nervous system (CNS) which consists of the brain and spinal cord. Different stressors can attack the CNS and create challenges over time. The greater the stressor and the longer it’s been there, the more problematic it will become to the body.

When you think stressors you may think emotional stress, but others play a role in health and nerve function as well, the 3 main ones are: physical, chemical and emotional stress. A stressor can be too much of something (toxicity) or too little (deficiency) creating an imbalance in the nervous system and the entire body. For example, you can over exercise (toxicity) or under exercise (deficiency); or you can eat too much sugar (toxicity) and not eat enough green vegetables (deficiency).

These physical, chemical, emotional imbalances in our lifestyle lead to nerve disturbance, altered physiology, and eventually chronic symptoms and disease. The key is to address the source of these challenges rather than just mask the symptoms and disease. As Chiropractors, our specialty is to detect and remove nerve disturbance by fine tuning the spine and nervous system – this allows your body to work at its best! Then, the patient or practice member’s job is to reduce the stress in any or all categories. We encourage our patients to Eat, Move, and Think healthy!

Chiropractic is for:

  • Pregnancy and Newborns
  • Kids and Teens
  • Adults and Seniors