My greatest desire for my kids, and yours!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. How I want them to be, how I want them to believe in themselves and be confident, how to give kindly to the world and be the light of love in our society.

I want them to stand out, but be BRAVE because those who stand out often get noticed (and sometimes not in a nice way). All of these thoughts float through my head during the day – wondering if I am doing it right, if I am allowing them to express themselves to their fullest potential, if I am creating an environment that will allow them to thrive.

I think we all “suffer” from this “syndrome” or whatever it may actually be. So when it comes to me and my philosophy about health and life in general, my foundational desire is this..

I want my kids to TRUST in their body’s ability to heal, and function, and express LIFE and VITALITY.

This is WHY I LOVE CHIROPRACTIC SO MUCH! As soon as we realize and own the fact that given the proper care, our bodies were built and designed to function and express health, we suddenly have more trust to invest in our bodies the way they need.

I did not grow up knowing the philosophy of Chiropractic. I had no idea what it was. When I went to school I literally knew it as being ONLY a pain reliever. This barely scratches the surface of what Chiropractic is.

Ultimately, it is the PHILOSOPHY that I love so much, and it is this that guides my every decision when it comes to caring for my kids and yours.

Chiropractic is built on the foundational principle that LIFE EXPRESSES HEALTH! It’s innate and it’s ingrained in every single cell of the body, and it’s run through the nervous system. In order for our body’s to express full health, we need a nervous system that controls, coordinates calmly and efficiently. This is what Chiropractic offers!

Chiropractic adjustments help clear, calm and coordinate the nervous system and are incredibly important for health expression, but let me give you an example of how we can use this philosophy outside of the office.

In one of the courses we took, one of the presenters was talking about a commercial that plays in the states and it’s this boy who is told he is going to the doctors for a check up. There is nothing “wrong” with this child, it is merely a check up visit.

But the commercial showed the little boy in the back of the car with his thought bubbles as “I hope I am not sick, I hope I am ok, I hope I am not sick”… and how many people actually feel this way when going to the doctor?

How much better of a mindset would it be to have that little boys thoughts to be “I’m strong, I am healthy, I am strong, I am healthy?”. I believe that the creators of this commercial did not intend to give a negative message, I literally think that is what the thought bubble said because that is how so many of us actually think unconsciously, without considering how disempowering that message is to ourselves.

It’s these messages we tell ourselves that have a negative impact on our health via the nervous system. These messages send stress signals to our brain and that ultimately impacts our health expression.

I want to change that as best I can for my family and those who I care for.

Here is an example of how I have personally attempted to help Lennon not fear her health.

As many of you know, she had open heart surgery at 7 days old. She required regular follow ups to make sure the surgery was successful. Instead of expressing my fears for her (and of course I had them), I encouraged her all of the way through using positive talk like “Lennon, the doctors are going to check your heart! Remember how you had surgery when you were a baby? Well, we can be so excited to show them how strong and healthy you have become!”

We would chat about the different tests they were going to do, and I’d make it fun, describing the blood pressure cuff as a magic bracelet that would give her a big tight hug on her arm, the ECHO as magic wand that would show us her heart on a screen! And the ECG, talking about the fun stickers they would stick on her chest…it’s the little things.

When we go to the dentist for a check up, and instead of saying something like “We are making sure you don’t have cavities in your teeth”, I switched it to “we are going to show them how amazing your teeth are, and how you’ve taken great care of them!”.

She walked in both situations with a purse(s) in hand, her head up and full of confidence and excitement!

Now I know there are people who are thinking “But what if there is something actually wrong…?” Well, then we deal with it, but always in a way of EMPOWERMENT, not one of failure. If something needs to be done, we deal with that. But for me, it’s a fair trade because I believe that when we teach our kids to trust and love their bodies and not fear them or think they are faulty, it rewires the brain for healing and growth rather than stress.

It’s so important for me to reveal their POTENTIAL, not merely their current health status because it doesn’t have to define them. Having them participate in a positive way that is age appropriate – These are just a few examples.

This is something that I LOVE helping the kids with that come to the office. Kids today are bombarded with so much stress, so much noise, and so often that they are stuck in that fight or flight/stress mode and often do not have the breathing space or know how to just “be”. This alters their health in a negative way.

So if I can change the thought process of a child and turn on their own healing capabilities through Chiropractic, it’s a win for me. It is often said that our office is the first “medical” place that their kids have really felt comfortable in.

We take great pride in that compliment because so often kids can’t be kids, and they are not always provided with the environment that allows relaxation, healing and growth.

So instead of the mindset that we want to figure out what is wrong when a child comes in to the office, I like to spin it to “We want to see what’s right and enhance that”.

🙂 These are just a few thoughts, and I hope at least one of you is inspired or touched by them.

Photo Credit: Heart and Soul by LeGeoff Photography