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Parents who are struggling with all the things parenting, listen to some of the things we heard JUST TODAY!

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Growing pains? Are they normal? What is the cause? Let me explain.....and celebrate!

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Best scream on tv, best laugh in the universe! . This is one of our favorite movies to watch on Christmas Eve! . Merry Christmas Eve! . What are your traditions? . #homealone #bestlaugh #slapstickhumour #bestscream #infectiousgiggles #everytime #cantstopwatching

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One more opportunity to hear the Perfect storm! Dr. Kelly and a special guest at the end! LOL! Parents, if your kids are struggling emotionally, other school, at home, maybe have a diagnosis or two, you Don't want to miss this! Easier times may be just around the corner!

20 minutes until go time! We are about to deliver our last perfect storm presentation of 2018!

Hey parents!! Here's a tip to help one of the most stressful times of the day -pickup after school.

Parents! Parent teacher reports were last week and let us tell you what we heard!!

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We're so grateful that we get to care for awesome people! Kyle's journey has been full of struggle and stress, it's nothing short of amazing to see him doing better!! Even though the medical system couldn't help him like he hoped, we're honestly grateful that they were monitoring and trying to help him, this allowed us to focus on his spinal and nervous system health and work toward better function!! We're so happy for you Kyle, thanks for sharing your story!! 👊♥️

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30 minutes till go time and we get to deal some #hope and give parents some answers! Can't wait to deliver the goods!!

PS preview

The perfect storm workshop is happening tomorrow night! Here is a sneak preview of what we will be talking about - giving away the first step that we see in the majority of these cases.

Adjustments and your brain

This is EXCITING research!!! Check it out how studies are beginning to understand how an adjustment impacts the BRAIN and hence, how our bodies FUNCTION! We are THRILLED to be able to donate to Heidi Haavik's research in New Zeland! We are just scratching the surface to really understand how Chiropractic can really change how we preceive the world. There is so much more to learn! Enjoy! And see you at your next adjustment 🙂

The perfect storm workshop is full! But this is what we are going to do about it!

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Things that San Diego has taught us about the importance of a great team ..... Amongst thieves, turbulence, and happy hours..... Enjoy!

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It's kick the sick time!! Parents the struggle is real so let's get to the bottom of it!!

A preview of our kick the sick webinar.....

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Perfect storm workshop is TOMORROW and we are fired up!

The perfect storm..... What is it? How are these kids getting such awesome results? What does it have to do with chiropractic?

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Approaching the long weekend like...... . Have a great one everyone! . #summerends #dancing #chirokids #wiggleyourhips #summervibes #fredericton #frederictonnb

5 ways to THRIVE as we enter the school season!

First Perfect Storm Workshop sold out!!!😮😮😮 What we are going to do about it!!

Wins from the week, chatting with our scan tech, Holly!

#CalmingTheStorm can take some patience, but it gives great reward!

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Daily Aleve, to none in a couple weeks!

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Good morning everyone! I am sharing a video I did for a new group I am proud to be a contributor to: Fredericton Healthy Families: Our office may seem a little "untraditional" when it comes to what people think of when they think of reasons why to see a Chiropractor. Of course we help people with different painful conditions, but helping kids who deal with SPD, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety and Spectrum Challenges is something we have been very interested in for about 5 years now. It is amazing how the spine tells a story about what's happening within the nervous system.🧠 It is important to note that we do not specifically "treat" or "cure" these conditions, but our assessment and the way we are trained to care for these kids allows their body to experience less internal stress, as well as increases their adaptability to stress. When we see this occur, we see the output (the behaviour) start to calm. 🎉 We see such positive results in the specific testing we do, as well as parents report positive changes in their day to day. I encourage you to ask questions and engage with me 🙂 I also encourage you to check out Dr. Tony Ebel's webinar hosted through The National Wellness Foundation happening this TUESDAY at 10pm. He has better tech skills ( 😉 ) and will walk you through this topic in a way you will understand. We always get great feedback! Thank you so much for tuning in! #uptownchiropractic #healthyspine #pediatricchiropractic #perfectstorm #healtykids #healthyfamilies #neurodevelopment

Those eyes....that eyebrow....gets her everything. . . #thoseeyes #raisedeyebrow #boomerang

Some fun stuff today, and another important event!

One of my favourite things to add to your warm up/cool down routine! Or even just do daily. It feels soooooo good on your spine! #fuelyourbrain #exercisebrainfood #pilatesmove #ahhhhh #rolemodel #workingoutinafrica 😂🤣😂🤣

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Success Saturday! And some things on the go and down the pipe

Uptown kids.....this event is FREE and it's this Saturday!

3 common categories we see when examining kids with ADHD/SPD etc. that allow us to #connect to, and understand you and your child at a deeper level.

You could be $100 richer!!! Find out how........ 🙂

Check out Sam's story!!!! #uptownchiropractic #healthy #chirosuccess #backtoawesome

UC intro

We did a race this morning! Go do something amazing with your family and/or friends!

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Perfect Storm May 31st, 2018

Perfect storm happening in 40 min! REGISTER HERE:

Join us tomorrow morning for the #diaperdash UPDATE: You can register at the event 🙂 ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Ability insurance?? Say what?? Chatting with Dental Hygienist Amanda Bird!!!

Dr. Jay discussing the right timing to start pediatric care for your kids!

Moms and Dads:. When is the best time to start pediatric Chiropractic care for your school-aged kids ?? 🤔

Diaper Dash Come Run With Us!

Ha! Come Run With Us!! (inspired by "Come Dance With Us") 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 We are just having a little bit of fun promoting this run! Thanks to Janine Fortier for getting all silly with me, and coming up with some of the genius! Thanks to Justin Fortier for filming and editing!! Elm City Doulas Uptown Chiropractic - Fredericton #RunforDiapers #ItTakesAVillage #ComeRunWithUs

My HRV journey

My health journey...full disclosure and how my story may relate to yours!

How does an adjustment work? It seems to help all of these things, why? And how?

Yay!!! Look at what came in!!!..... And how do you get one? Check it out!! Elm City Doulas Tucker Graphix 2018 Diaper Dash #ittakesavillage #communitysupport #loveourcity

Our scan system just got even better!!

Check out what we invested in to serve you better!! Sorry for sideways start to the video 😀

Uptown is here to HELP

This is what we are about! If you are looking for something different for your #family. If you are struggling to find #answers. If you are looking for #drugfree ways to improve your health. What if you were our next #successstory #pediatricchiropractors #uptownchiropractic #familyhealth #successstory #bestyearyet

Summer is coming! We are doing something we've never done before!

Are you or your kids stuck in a cycle of sick?

Myles may have gotten a kck in the face....oops! It's so cute how he's trying to lunge! #fortierworkouts #adaptordie #mywhy

Now that I have your attention......

If you get this, your perspective on health changes....for the better!

Immune boosting tip.for.ya.....hint....we instantly smile when we see it! More tips and information on how to help you kick the sick in your family on May 3rd! 10pm in the comfort of where ever you are 🙂

My kids seem to always be this normal? Tune in!

Anatomy lessons from a bird

We are at the FredKid fair!! Come up and see us!

Work/life "balance" doesn't really exist 😲 is my take on it.....

Blocked tear ducts? This may be the reason...

Stuck in Minneapolis!

Stuck in Minneapolis, but we've got your back!

I have fallen short. What am I doing about it to make things right? #vulnerability #realtalk #betterthanyesterday

What's up at Uptown Chiropractic

Cool stuff coming around the bend, and an awesome give back to our community! 12th Annual Fredkid Fair Elm City Doulas THANK YOU! #uptownchiropractic #supportourcommunity #family #fun

My best days and moments in parenting have been mostly related to this one thing...

Hey parents! Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? We moustache you a question! 😂🤣

Webster technique - what it is, what it isn't.

Webster technique.....what's it all about? Before becoming certified, we were taking great care of pregnant moms....but after becoming certified and learning the specifics and extra checks, our results were enhanced! Here, I talk about what Webster is, and what it isn't. #healthypregnancy #webstertechnique #healthybabies #uptownchiropractic

Pressured parenting

Pressure being a parent? Trouble feeling balanced? Juggling so much you don't know who you are anymore? Check it out! Link to register:

If sitting is the new smoking, then this is.....

Why on Earth would we ask THIS on our intake forms?

Have you ever thought of this before?

Have you ever thought of this before? #healthykids #healthynervoussystem #calm #connected #coordinated #uptownchiropractic

#PerfectStorm follow up, parents we'd love to know your thoughts and questions!!

Uptown goes downtown to Yoga on York with Jenny Rolls!

We had a great time at our Uptown Chiro family yoga event!! A special thanks to Jenny Rolls for leading us ♥️. Also thank you to all those who came out to make it a great 'party'!! 😁 Mama Yoga with Jenny Rolls - check her out! She also has yoga classes available via videos which can be streamed right from home 🙂


There is still time! T- 1.5 hours till go time for the 3rd global viewing of the perfect storm webinar with Dr. Tony Ebel. Join us and thousands of other parents, live! Or sign up and catch the recording later! Don't miss out! SIGN UP:

Why are we so passionate about the Perfect Storm webinar? 2 words: our daughter!!

Is the PS for me?

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